We cannot do this alone – A variety of public, private, and tribal groups are working to improve and protect our local watershed. We value greatly the local contributions of our conservation partners. The GYWC is committed to collaborating with our local partners in three unique ways:

  1. A Conservation Champion: We are dedicated to promoting the accomplishments of our partners and increasing public awareness of their services and programs;
  2. Strategic Coordination: We are committed to engaging our diverse stakeholders in planning and implementing watershed-scale programs and strategies, particularly for water quality and fish habitat;
  3. Watershed Programs: We rely on collaborative partnerships that enable us to leverage the funding and resources necessary to offer high-quality restoration, monitoring, and outreach programs.

Click below to learn more about who our local partners are, what makes them unique, and what projects they have worked on with us recently.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please drop us a line today! If are an active or prior partner and we missed you in our list below, let us know and we’ll get you on here.

Tribal Government 


Colleges and Universities

Non-Profit and Service Organizations

Special Districts

Public Agencies