About Us

The Greater Yamhill Watershed Council (GYWC), formed in 1995 by the Yamhill and Polk County Commissioners, is a non-regulatory, community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering our local communities to be good stewards of the lands, waters, fish and wildlife in the Yamhill and Chehalem Valleys (map of the Greater Yamhill Watershed).  

Over the last 22 years, the GYWC has served as a local leader in monitoring water quality and fish habitat in local streams and rivers, increasing community awareness of and engagement in healthy watershed projects, and assisting landowners and stakeholders in developing partnerships and projects that improve water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife. 

The GYWC is part of a network of over 70 Oregon watershed councils formed across the state since the mid-1990’s, and has been awarded competitive Operational Capacity grants through the State’s Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board (OWEB) since the Council’s formation.

The GYWC is governed by a Board of Directors composed of local stakeholders and supported by a diverse network of Partners representing public, private, and tribal interests.  The Board of Directors and Partners provide guidance and support for the Watershed Council’s Executive Director who works to organize partnerships and secure diverse funding for projects that improve water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife.